SEPTEMBER 9th. We start again
Every Monday come and join the group class.
It's open to everyone wants to learn about Flamenco Rhythms.
The aim of this group it is to get very strong with the pulse and to understand all the flamenco rhythms.

You will study:
-Cajón and Palmas strokes.
-Palos: Tangos, Bulería,Seguiriya, Rumba, Alegrías, Sevillanas, Tanguillos......
-How to play with Cante, Guitar and Baile.
-Play as an ensemble.


Intermediate class from 6.30-7.30pm
Improvers class
from 7.30-8.30pm
Payment must be made in advance via bank transfer
(please send me a message to WhatsApp to confirm payment)
Pay for a block of 6 Lessons (with 8 weeks in which to use the lessons):
Single class. £72
Both classes. £120
Single class -incl Cajón hire- £90
Both classes -incl Cajón hire- £138

Single lesson will be £18
(payment can be made by bank transfer or cash on the day)

Cajón hire: £3 per class (cash on the day)
Let me know if you need to hire a cajón.
Important to hire in advance or bring your own cajón.

Please, if you have any question, do not hesitate to ask me
SUMMER WORKSHOP in Escuela de Baile, London
Highly recommend to anyone would like to understand more about compás.
5-Days Intensive Cajón Flamenco Rhythm Workshop
from 2nd till 6th of September 2019
During this workshop we will work everyday with one different palo following technique and rhythm exercises to improve the pulse. On the last day we will play all the palos we have learn together with a professional Flamenco guitarist. The key will be to see how the rhythms works with the guitar.

Day 1- Basic Technique. Cajón and Palmas sounds. Tangos
Day 2- Singles and Doubles Technique. Buleria
Day 3- Subdivisions. Crotchets, Quavers, Triplet, Semiquavers. Sevillanas.
Day 4- Contras with Palmas. Rumba
Day 5- Play all the palos with guitarist

Escuela de Baile 1-7 Amwell Street EC1R 1U
£150 + £3 hire cajón
You can book single days: £30 per day
Book your place here and pay in advance.

One to one Lesson £30 an hour. £35 1 hour and a half
I teach Cajon/Drum Kit and Percussion in general from my home studio. Styles of music: Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Afro Cuban, Samba, Bossa Nova, Flamenco....

[google_map_easy id="2"] Escuela de Baile. 1-7 Amwell St. EC1R 1UL, London.